Erie Neighborhood Spotlight - Grandview

When it comes to naming a neighborhood there are many that just don't make sense, but Grandview lives up to its namesake. Being elevated to the east of Coal Creek the neighborhood overlooks the town of Erie, Colorado with unobstructed views to the west with full views of the flatirons in Boulder. With some of the lowest taxes and prices in town, Grandview is considered a great spot to locate. Home sizes range anywhere from 1240sqft townhomes to over 3000sqft detached homes. For those who fall in love with the neighborhood it is entirely possible to go from their first home all the way to their last without moving more than a few blocks.

For amenities is is just a quick walk or bike ride down the hill to the Community Center and Park. The Old Town District is just over a mile and can be accessed completely by trail without crossing a road. For those with an outdoor streak the neighborhood borders the Erie Singletrack Trails on the south side. These trails feature over 7 miles of track for anyone from a beginner to the most experienced rider. During the summer the neighborhood features movie nights, a BBQ and community garage sale.

For those looking for a great location and affordable pricing, Grandview is a great neighborhood to check out.

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